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Turning cameras into health monitors

Our Oxecam software extracts human vital sign data from digital video cameras

BPM 70
PM 12

Revolutionising Safer Custody In Mental Health Hospitals, Police Custody & Prisons

  • Alert staff to Intervene during potentially fatal incidents
  • Improve detainee safety: Monitor health between periodic checks
  • Increase staff safety: Reduce ambush risk
  • Reduce cost: Minimise risk of incidents of self harm, cost of inquiries and staff injury
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Delivering vital care everywhere

“There are very clear benefits of Oxecam for both our staff and patients. We are excited to be pursuing this area of innovation and to be involved with Oxehealth as they develop the next generation of healthcare technology. ”

Amlan Basu, Clinical Director - Broadmoor Hospital
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How does it work?

Our story

Founded by Professor Lionel Tarassenko of the University of Oxford, Oxehealth was established on the idea that the science behind Photoplethysmography combined with intelligent signal processing and computer vision algorithms could enable cameras to provide ubiquitous, non contact vitals sign monitoring.

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Oxehealth works in a highly collaborative manner with our development partners, licensing partners, investors and talent, to ensure we deliver the best vital sign monitoring solution.

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