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Turning cameras into health monitors

BPM 70
PM 12

Our Oxecam software monitors human activity and vital signs using digital video cameras

  • Use Standard Digital Video Cameras
  • Monitor a Room for Human Activity
  • Derive Medical-grade Vital Signs
  • Delivered as Software as a Service
  • Partnering Across a Range of Sectors
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Our story

Oxehealth was founded on the discovery that the well established science of contact Photoplethysmography can be harnessed by intelligent signal processing, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to enable standard digital video cameras to provide ubiquitous, non contact vital signs monitoring. We were spun-out from Oxford University by Professor Lionel Tarassenko.

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We develop software that will bring better healthcare to millions of people, do advanced research that drives forward the field of computer vision & machine learning and support our people to follow their passions and grow their skills.