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Patient Care

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Bring safety monitoring & medical-grade vital signs to wards where wired solutions are unsuitable

Regular and accurate patient vital sign monitoring is essential at all levels of care in hospital.

At present, extended patient monitoring is only carried out in the most acute settings. Spot checks are time consuming for nurses and can often lead to inaccuracies or missed data.

Contact devices can be unhygienic, easily damaged and are restrictive to patients, slowing their recovery.

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The Future of Hospital Care

  • Hygenic & unobtrusive – Contact-free technology that works from right across a room
  • Intelligent behaviour analysis – Detect when a patient is out of bed
  • Continuous and proactive – Immediately alert to deteriorations in health and respond to incidents that might otherwise go undetected
  • Private and confidential – our algorithms do not need to retain an image
  • Opportunities for partners to work on clinical studies with Oxehealth to explore the potential of Oxecam Hospital


Oxecam in Action

Oxecam for hospitals debuted at DHEZ

Oxehealth gave a glimpse into the future of hospital care with a live demonstration of Oxecam Hospital at DHEZ

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Kidney unit trial

Study results of the successful trial of Oxecam software in the Renal Unit, Churchill Hospital

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Pre-term infant trial

Oxehealth successfully trialled its Oxecam software with pre-term infants at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, OUHT

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