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Improved Patient Safety

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Reduce risk for patients in mental health hospitals

Deaths in hospital are a tragedy for the patient, they are traumatic for staff and they are costly for hospital operators.

Patients can face substantial risk from self-harm, intoxication and potential complications following appropriate restraint or medication.

Today, every effort is taken to make appropriate observations but sadly complications can arise between scheduled checks.

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Opportunities to monitor patient safety and obtain contact free medical observations

  • Speed recovery: Disturb patient sleep less
  • Staff safety: Reduce ambush risk
  • Reduce cost (minimising risk of incidents of self-harm, cost of inquiries, staff injury)
  • Oxecam Video Analytics: Alert staff to intervene to check patient safety between rounds, now available for pilot deployments
  • Oxecam Medical Analytics: Track safety & vital signs through the night or at critical points (e.g. post tranquilisation). Currently at prototype stage with our development partners

Customers and Partners

Oxecam in Action

Oxehealth works with mental health Trust to deliver pioneering thecnolgy to improve patient care

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Broadmoor Mental Health Hospital completes succesful trial of Oxecam patient safety monitoring software

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