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Case Studies

Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring at Broadmoor Hospital

“There are some very clear benefits for both our staff and patients which means it is in the interest of all parties to pursue this area of innovation.”

Amlan Basu, Clinical Director at Broadmoor.

Pioneering Non-Contact Monitoring, Oxford Kidney Unit Study

“cost-effective solutions for non-contact vital sign monitoring, cheaper than conventional contact monitoring, may be highly appropriate for patients being cared for in single hospital rooms or at home.”

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko et al

Extending Vital Signs Monitoring, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Study

“We have demonstrated that it is possible to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate and changes in oxygen saturation continuously in the NICU, with an accuracy which is clinically useful.”

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko et al

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