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Join Us

We develop software that will bring better healthcare to millions of people, do advanced research that drives forward the field of computer vision & machine learning and support our people to follow their passions and grow their skills.

What you can expect

Work for a company you can be proud of

Take the lead in building technology that can help deliver better healthcare for millions of people across the globe and pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Solve complex problems every day

Use cutting edge research and engineering to solve the complex problems that will enable us to help deliver transformative technology in the real world.

A role based on passion and skill

Choose your own tasks and take on challenges that will allow you to follow your passion and develop your own skills set in a flexible role.

Collaborate and learn

Learn from a diverse, highly experienced and intelligent team while collaborating with world leading biomedical research centres including IBME, Oxford University.

Develop cutting edge technology, fast

Work fast in a true “Minimum Viable Product” environment where we hypothesise, test, iterate and use in the field at high speed.

Be an Innovator

Explore and develop your own ideas for improving Oxehealth technology in our monthly “banana” hack days.

Our culture

Who you are

Share in our passion

We are passionate about developing ground-breaking technology that will deliver healthcare monitoring to places where it has previously not been possible. We look for new members of our team who share that passion.

Great in your field

Talented, creative with great knowledge of your field. Whichever role you are applying for we are looking for team members who can help to take our technology to the next level.

Energetic and determined

We like to work with people who can bring dynamism and energy to our team, who will bring their own ideas and help shape our way of working.


We are currently welcoming interns to join our team through flexible paid summer, winter and gap year internships for undergraduates undertaking engineering, computer science and related STEM degrees, preferably with some experience of writing software and carrying out experiments.

Being a part of our team you will have the opportunity to learn from a diverse, highly experienced group while collaborating with world leading biomedical research centres including the IBME, Oxford University.

To apply for an internship please send a covering note and your CV to jobs@oxehealth.com

Job Roles

If you’re interested in applying for any of these roles, please send a covering letter and your CV to jobs@oxehealth.com
Commercial Operations Manager
Research Engineer
Content Marketing Executive