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Why is our technology important?

Add our software to a standard digital camera to extract medical grade vital sign, human activity and behavioural data enabling extended health and human activity monitoring without the need for a single contact device.


We achieve this by applying expertise in computer vision, signal processing and machine learning to extract and analyse data from a live video feed. This technology is wrapped in a sophisticated, mission critical enterprise solution, developed by our team, that lives on our private cloud.


Video Analytics – Alerts if no human activity is detected

Our Video Analytics technology alerts staff when no human activity is detected in an occupied room, giving them the opportunity to check on the patient or detainee.

Video Analytics + (beta*) Alerts on movement events and reports on behaviour patterns

Video Analytics + alerts on key safety and activity indicators, including patient falls.

Video Analytics + can also support clinicians to improve care management plans by monitoring sleep quality.

Medical Analytics* (beta*) – Medical grade vital signs

Our Medical Analytics software monitors heart rate and breathing rate, enabling staff to manage care plans based on accurate healthcare data and to respond quickly to incidents where vital signs fall outside set parameters.

Medical Analytics uses photoplethysmography, the same science that is used by finger pulse oximeters in hospitals, to monitor heart rate and our technology detects minute mechanical movements of the body to determine breathing rate.

Real World Robust

Our technology is clinically validated and real world robust. A recent 2 month long study of detainees in custody with a major UK police force showed the following accuracy.

97% Breathing Rate Accuracy
93% Heart Rate Accuracy

Notes: Compared to medically certified Stowood Black Shadow device; BR 2bpm to reference, 0.02% 10 bpm “bad estimates”, 0.6MAE; HR 3 bpm (medical device comparable), 1.4% @ 10bpm, 1.4MAE).

*Oxecam Medical Analytics is not yet medically certified and so is not available for purchase.
*Beta functionality in prototype and available to development and pilot partners by specific agreement.

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