Supporting safer patient care

At Oxehealth, we design technology-based solutions for mental health. We are a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring (Oxevision) and have created the first digital observation tool for mental health (OxeObs).

Clinicians who deploy Oxevision report they deliver safer, higher quality and more efficient mental health care.

For patients, being on a ward with Oxevision means they are safer, get a better night's sleep and have greater privacy and dignity.

Oxehealth’s technologies have been developed in collaboration with patients, carers, doctors and nurses.

Oxehealth are proud members of the
NHS Confederation

How Oxevision supports better care for patients

Oxevision includes a regulated medical device which operates with an infrared-sensitive camera.1
It helps staff visually confirm a patient is safe - and measure their pulse and breathing rate - without disturbing their sleep.
The Vital Signs module that allows clinicians to take contact-free pulse and breathing rate measurements is a class IIa medical device cleared in Europe & UK

Oxevision is a patient-centred innovation

NHS mental health Trusts that have augmented their clinical practice with Oxevision have reported:

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“The modified protocol greatly improves patients’ experience at night.”

Prof. John Geddes
Director R&D

"I like Oxevision because the staff don't disturb my sleep at night any more. They used to come in every 10-15 minutes even at 6am in the morning to check that I am breathing. I think the system has been a good thing and it doesn't bother me."


“I couldn’t imagine not having the system now in place. It’s something that makes us feel more secure and we feel it sets up safety for the patients.”

Tracy Beechey
Deputy Ward Manager

“I like the alerts when a patient is on the edge [of their bed]... Staff are able to attend and prevent a fall from happening.”


"Having Oxevision makes me have a better sense of wellbeing because I feel more secure."


“Since Oxevision was installed, I’m disturbed much less at night. It’s much better because no one watches you trying to do everything.”

West LondonHertfordshire Partnership UniversityCoventry and Warwickshire PartnershipCoventry and Warwickshire PartnershipSouth West London and St George's Mental HealthOxford HealthBerkshire HealthcareKent and Medway

To continually improve care, reach out to schedule a brief demonstration

1 The Oxevision housing unit contains an infrared-sensitive camera that relays information to designated fixed screens, tablets and/or mobile devices on a ward/unit.  It is a fixed-installed solution within hospitals, general care, and secured environments where a framework exists that mandates periodic checks by a trained professional to ensure subject safety. The Vital Signs software is registered as a class IIa medical device in the UK & Europe. It is intended for non-invasive spot measurements of pulse rate (50 to 130 ± 3 beats per minute) and estimated breathing rate (8 to 39 ± 2 breaths per minute). It does not provide alerting or alarms for vital signs. The Vital Signs Trends chart is a feature within the Vital Signs software that shows a summary of average vital signs to inform decisions to take further vital signs spot check measurements or check on patients and cannot be used to measure or monitor pulse rate or breathing rate. The Activity Tracker software (including activity detection, fall risk, location risk, inactivity warning, flexi room, refresh room, activity report and recent incident review) are Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) products. They are not medical devices. Oxevision Observations is an Electronic Medical/Health Record product that is designed to assist reporting activities and is not part of any medical device. See Instructions for Use for intended use, contraindications, warnings, cautions, usage directions and maintenance.

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