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#ThankYou - CWPT's Delivery
24 February 2020
Earlier this week we announced that together with our NHS Partners, the Oxehealth service has helped clinicians deliver over 1,000,000 hours of care. Since then, we took a trip all the way to Coventry to especially hand-deliver the first,
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Dmani - Year in Industry Student
12 February 2020
My name is Dmani and at the end of September 2019, I joined the Research and Development team as a Year in Industry Student. The scheme, provided by the Engineering Development Trust, is for school leavers to enter the workplace in their f
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“A new technology… allowing doctors and nurses working under great pressure to deliver the best possible care, to focus on the patients who are unwell”
09 October 2018
Last week, Henry Bodkin wrote a closely researched and thought-provoking piece for The Sunday Telegraph, following Oxehealth’s recently announced European medical device certification.  It was particularly good to see him
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The Oxehealth Way
08 October 2018
Before Oxehealth, no one had certified software enabling a simple optical sensor to measure pulse and breathing rate as a medical device or created a Digital Care Assistant that pays attention when staff cannot be in the room.We have found