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Email Signature Generator

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How to link phone numbers


When it comes to linking your phone numbers, you should follow Microsofts instructions:

1. Highlight the signature text where the numbers are currently
2. Type in your new number
3. Select the text and click on 'Insert Hyperlink'
4. In there, for the Web address (URL), type in the text "tel:" followed by the phone number
5. Click OK
6. Highlight the number(s) and change the colour back to light grey

How to add to Office365


1. Go to settings (the gear looking thing in the top right)
2. Click "Mail" under "My App Settings" in the sidebar on the right
3. Next, click "Email Signature" under "Layout" in the sidebar on the Left
4. Copy the signature from above and paste into the email signature field in Outlook 365 (DO NOT paste as HTML)
5. Edit the signature with your own info
6. Configure the email signature settings to your preference.

How to add to Outlook 2016


1. First launch Outlook 2016 then select File > Options
2. Next select the Mail tab and then Signatures
3. Select New and type in a name for the signature you’re creating
4. Paste in the signature from above (DO NOT paste as HTML)
5. Edit the signature with your own info
6. Set the signature as you default for New Messages and Replies

How to add to mobile


1. Send a blank message with the new HTML email signature to your phone
2. Open the email you sent to your phone
3. Copy all of the signature
4. Go into the iPhone email signature editor by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature
5. Delete any text, tap and hold the screen until the context menu appears, and select Paste
6. The new email signature will now appear in the editor. The original formatting will have been lost and it will appear slightly altered – this is normal so don’t panic! iOS automatically adds its own coding to the HTML source of the email signature. All you have to do is shake your iPhone to trigger the Undo Change Attributes context menu and select Undo

Pleasure ensure you correctly use/link your telephone numbers.