Webinar invite | 7th of September | 12-13 (BST) / 13-14 (CEST)

Unlocking the power of data in inpatient psychiatry: How vision-based patient monitoring technology is helping clinical staff to transform care

This webinar will reveal how 48% of NHS mental health providers in England have implemented a vision-based patient monitoring system (Oxevision) to support inpatient care. By providing contact-free vital sign measurements (class IIa medical device) and activity alerts and reports, the technology enables staff to make more informed clinical decisions and to deliver better, safer care for the benefit of patients.

Themes: ‍

  • Contact-free sleep monitoring: Can data on sleep patterns and chronotypes support the delivery of personalised psychiatric treatment and speed up recovery?
    - A first look at the new Sleep module for Oxevision, currently seeking medical device approval
  • Reducing restrictive practices: Can technology deliver insights that support staff to provide safer and less restrictive care, and to reduce the use of rapid tranquillisation?
  • Balancing safety and privacy: How can providers ensure they are protecting patients’ rights when using vision-based monitoring technology?
    - Recommendations from UK national guidelines
    - Management of patients with paranoid symptoms

Speakers: ‍

  • Dr Dan Joyce, Professor of Connected Mental Health, Liverpool University and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Mehtab Rahman, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Quality, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Martin Lehmann, Oxehealth
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