Patients deserve better.
Clinicians need actionable data.

Oxehealth is a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring systems.

Clinicians who deploy Oxevision report they deliver safer, higher quality and more efficient care.

For patients, being on a ward with Oxevision means they are safer, get a good night’s sleep and have greater privacy and dignity.
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Give your clinicians Oxevision

Oxevision, with its contact-free optical sensor (camera and infrared illumination), gives teams additional insights that support their efforts to plan the best care and intervene proactively to help their patients.
  • check
    Pulse rate
  • check
    Breathing rate
  • check
    Patient movement
  • check
    Contact-free readings
  • check
    Anywhere in the room
  • check
    Nurse safety checks without disturbing patients
  • check
    Alerts to activity in defined high-risk areas
  • check
    Activity and vital signs reports
  • check
    Mobile handsets on the ward

The Vital Signs module is a class IIa medical device cleared in Europe

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Our partners, who have augmented their clinical practice with Oxevision, have reported:

Reduction in enhanced observations
(Older Adult ward)
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Reduction in A&E visits
(Older Adult ward)
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Reduction in falls in bedrooms at night
(Older Adult ward)
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Reduction in assaults
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7,800 hours saved in a single year at a 24 bed hospital
“I like Oxevision because the staff don't disturb my sleep at night any more. They used to come in every 10-15 minutes even at 6am in the morning to check that I am breathing. I think the system has been a good thing and it doesn't bother me.”
“The modified protocol greatly improves patients’ experience at night.”
Prof. John Geddes, Director R&D Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
“Having Oxevision makes me have a better sense of wellbeing because I feel more secure.”
“I couldn’t imagine not having the system now in place. It’s something that makes us feel more secure and we feel it sets up safety for the patients.”  
Tracy Beechey, Deputy Ward Manager, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust.
“Since Oxevision was installed, I’m disturbed much less at night. It’s much better because no one watches you trying to do everything.”  
“I like the alerts when a patient is on the edge [of their bed]... Staff are able to attend and prevent a fall from happening.”
Nurse, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust
West London
Berkshire Healthcare
Oxford Health
Kent and Medway
Hertfordshire Partnership University
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership
South West London and St Georges Health
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership
Patients and carers are at the heart of everything we do
Read more about Patient Experiece hereRead 'A Guide for Patients and Carers' here

Work with us

If you choose to partner with us our expert team will help you to:

Understand your needs

Understand your clinical and operational challenges to identify how you might use Oxevision to help you improve safety, quality and efficiency

Put together the business case

Map the clinical and operational business case to underwrite your investment

Implement the Oxehealth Service

  • check
    Carry out installation
  • check
    Help refine protocols & policy
  • check
    Engage & train teams

Realise and evidence improvements

Help you to assess and evidence your realisation of your clinical, operational and financial business case

Deliver continuous improvement in care

Support ward champions to foster consistent and effective use of Oxevision. Provide fast and friendly customer support that “feels like a member of your team”. Share the latest evidence and best practices from your clinical peers and world-class academic researchers
NQA ISO 27001 Information Security Management badge
NHS Digital - Data Security and Protection Toolkit Badge
BSI ISO 13485 - Medical Device Quality Management Badge
DCB 0129 -
Cyber Essentials Plus certification

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