Digital documentation of patient observations compatible with existing patient journal systems1
Oxevision Observations is an assistive technology especially developed for inpatient psychiatry that enables staff to make and document accurate, patient-centred, therapeutically valuable and auditable observations.

Digital documentation of therapeutically valuable observations with contact-free vital sign measurements that do not disturb patients’ sleep

Contact-free pulse and breathing rate measurements Medically certified class lla in Europe
Time-limited vision into the room to ensure the patient is safe and vitals are taken of the correct patient
No disturbance to patient sleep
Fully auditable time stamped observations
Digital documentation of engagement and observation notes alongside interventions
Supports staff to deliver more therapeutic care interactions, on time
Improves efficiency by reducing time to complete and document observations
GDPR compliant
Oxevision Observations can be accessed 24/7 via portable devices or a fixed screen, just like the other Oxevision modules. When patients are in their rooms at night, staff can carry out their safety checks remotely - instead of going into patients' rooms and disturbing them.
Integrable with electronic patient record systems1

Reduces the time it takes to complete and document observation rounds

Compatible with all EPR providers1
Replaces traditional scanning and uploading of paper based records

Real-time Compliance Reporting

Providing real-time monitoring, effectively supporting clinical teams and ward managers to promote observation compliance:
  • Real-time reporting
  • Assists staff on the ward to take timely observations
  • Each patient's Observation History record provides visibility as to who has performed observations alongside an audit of changes to care plan items, such as observation levels, risk factors and room assignment changes
  • Helps to establish a positive culture of safety on the wards.

“I've been in the behavioral health system for a total of seven years, since I was 18. Before, the staff would come in all the time during the night, use flashlights, and wake you up. It was very stressful, especially when on medication. Now (with Oxevision), they don’t disturb sleep as much. I think the system is great for that.”

1 Subject to integration. Professional service fees apply.

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