Editorial note:
These articles may pre-date our recent FDA clearance, Some references may not accurately reflect this.
Editorial note:
This article may refer to our solution as the "Digital Care Assistant", which we recently renamed to "Oxevision".

Breakthrough Innovation in Security at IFSEC International

Oxehealth’s CEO, Jonathan Chevallier, shares his reflections on three days at IFSEC International.
We were delighted this week to be invited to join our partners, Hanwha Techwin, on their stand at IFSEC international.
As Europe's largest security exhibition, the three-day event at London's ExCel centre was the perfect platform for us to launch our Oxecam technology the world's first medical grade, completely contact free, vital signs monitoring camera. More on the launch here.
Visitors to the Hanwha Techwin stand saw first-hand how the Oxecam works in prison and police custody, and the reception was extremely positive.
The stand was packed with people coming to see our world's first camera-derived health monitoring solution. Some were initially sceptical, but quickly persuaded once they saw our proof.
Many had been unaware that such technology was even possible using a standard digital video camera, so it was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase its capability and demonstrate exactly how transformative the Oxecam could be in building safer custody.
"You've made my whole trip to IFSEC worthwhile" (Head of Security, Mental Health)
We had dozens of conversations with interested people working in secure rooms. Mental health trusts, prisons operators and police officers all sought us out and wanted to explore exactly how they could use Oxecam to create even safer custody environments for the people in their care. For their part, many camera makers couldn't quite believe their eyes video analytics is not usually this exciting!
Beyond secure rooms?
It wasn't a surprise to us that we were the only vendors at IFSEC concentrating on this area, as even though this is an increasingly important market with deaths and serious incidents in custody and prisons continuing to rise, there has never been a viable technology solution before.
Instead, much of the focus from others at IFSEC was on smart cities, with the Internet of Things a key enabling theme. From smart homes to sophisticated surveillance solutions and the use of drones, it was great to see some of the other technologies coming to market, but I can honestly say that there was really nothing that compared with with communities becoming increasingly well connected, Oxecam could be developed into a wide range of applications, including hospital monitoring, home healthcare and telemedicine even driverless cars. We're laser focused on secure rooms right now – but watch this space!

Overall, we had a fantastic three days at IFSEC. Many thanks to our partners Hanwha Techwin founder members of the Oxehealth Partner Programme for hosting us on their stand, and to all the energising visitors who once again reminded us how exciting it is to be turning cameras into health monitors.

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