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Patient Experience with Oxevision

We believe that every patient and care home resident deserves outstanding, compassionate, safe, and dignified care. We believe in promoting and protecting independence, privacy and dignity - and, where recovery is possible, the fastest possible recovery for patients.

We work closely with all our healthcare provider partners and their service users and carers to learn about the experiences of patients in the active care settings where Oxevision and the Oxehealth Service support day to day staff work.

Patients have expressed that their experience of having Oxevision as part of their care is positive during their stay in hospital. Patients expressed an improved sense of sleep, wellbeing, privacy, dignity, and safety.

To find out more about patient perspectives on Oxevision read a detailed report here.

Patient and carer engagement is a fundamental part of the work we do at Oxehealth.

Working closely with healthcare providers, we aim to ensure patients and carers are involved in the decision, implementation and continuous learning and development of using Oxevision in a healthcare setting.

To find out more about how Oxevision works in practice, read “A Guide for Patients and Carers” here.

Patients’ views and those of their carers are actively represented within our organisation, through our partnerships with NHS trusts, academic institutions and leading research centres across the country both within our day to day work and within our academic research organisation, the Oxehealth Clinical Research Forum. This includes co-design, co-production and testing of new developments to the system.

Patient engagement is an ongoing, living process. We are actively looking to expand the scope of our work, by forming active partnerships with patient and carer organisations, charities and other parties representing patient and carer communities and their voices.

If you would like to learn more or become involved in our work, we would love to speak with you. Please do get in touch.

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