Digital observations designed for mental health

Routine observations are a critical part of helping ensure the safety of patients during their stay in inpatient mental health facilities, as well as promoting therapeutic engagement with patients. Staff carry out observations sometimes as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Currently, in person safety checks and paper-based observation methods are widely used. This approach can lead to patients being disturbed which could impact their rest and privacy. It is also time-consuming for staff and has at times been linked to serious shortfalls in patient safety and safeguarding, despite the best efforts of already overstretched clinical teams.

Oxevision Observations1 enables mental health professionals to make and document accurate, patient-centred, therapeutically valuable and auditable observations.

Therapeutically valuable and patient-centered mental health observations that do not disturb patients
Help staff (including bank and agency) take accurate and timely observations
Save over 33% of the time2 it takes staff to complete observations and scan paper records
Enable senior staff to audit compliance with observation levels and adherence to policies and reduce risk of falsified records
Partner with an expert in using data to enable safer, higher quality and more efficient mental health patient care to deploy a system that is compatible with all EPR providers3
Oxevision Observations can be accessed 24/7 via portable devices or a fixed screen in the nursing station, just like the other Oxevision modules. When patients are in their rooms at night, staff can carry out their safety checks remotely - instead of going into patients' rooms and disturbing them.
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Real-time Compliance Reporting

Providing real-time monitoring, effectively supporting clinical teams and ward managers to promote observation compliance:
  • Real-time reporting
  • Assists staff on the ward to take timely observations
  • Each patient's Observation History record provides visibility as to who has performed observations alongside an audit of changes to care plan items, such as observation levels, risk factors and room assignment changes
  • Helps to establish a positive culture of safety on the wards.

To continually improve care, reach out to schedule a brief demonstration

1 Oxevision Observations is an Electronic Medical/Health Record product that is designed to assist reporting activities and is not part of any medical device. See Instructions for Use for intended use, contraindications, warnings, cautions, usage directions and maintenance.

Results across the four wards were normalised to 16 bedrooms so they were comparable. The time savings for the four wards were then averaged to generate results for a single ward that is considered to be representative of all wards in the trust.

Subject to integration. Professional service fees apply.

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