Digital observations designed for mental health

OxeObs1 makes it easy for staff to carry out timely health and safety checks (known as observations) to ensure patients are safe and well. Information about how patients are doing can be captured quickly on a tablet and automatically uploaded to a patient’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR). This enables staff to have accurate information about a patient’s wellbeing to help personalise care.

Helping mental health providers and their staff to:

Improve safety with accurate observations that are carried out on time

  • Digitally timestamped, accurate observations
  • A timer since last observation encourages on-time observations
  • Access for all staff including agency and bank
  • Offline capabilities for low wifi areas without compromising accuracy.

Support therapeutic and personalised care

  • Record detailed therapeutic observation and engagement notes
  • Four configurable observation levels to cater for patients’ individual needs
  • Maintain patient risk factors alongside observation levels.

Promote compliance with management reporting

  • Easily view detailed observation record history and track any changes made to care plan items such as observation levels, risk factors, and room assignment changes
  • Monitor and promote policy adherence with management reporting.
OxeObs can be deployed independently or as an additional module to Oxevision. When combined with Oxevision, our partners report patients feel safer, get a better night’s sleep and have increased privacy. To find out more about Oxevision, please visit:
Full EPR

Real-time Compliance Reporting

Providing real-time monitoring, effectively supporting clinical teams and ward managers to promote observation compliance:

To continually improve care, reach out to schedule a brief demonstration

1 OxeObs is an Electronic Medical/Health Record product that is designed to assist reporting activities and is not part of any medical device. See Instructions for Use for intended use, contraindications, warnings, cautions, usage directions and maintenance.

Subject to integration. Professional service fees apply.

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