Editorial note:
These articles may pre-date our recent FDA clearance, Some references may not accurately reflect this.
Editorial note:
This article may refer to our solution as the "Digital Care Assistant", which we recently renamed to "Oxevision".

Oxehealth featured on BBC News; 11 December 2014

Broadmoor to test camera that monitors vital signs
Broadmoor is a high-security psychiatric hospital which cares for 200 men. In this BBC article Adam Brimelow, Health Correspondent, uncovers how Oxecam will be used to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs such as heart and breathing rate.
It is hoped the device will alert staff early to any attempts to self-harm and spare patients disruptive night checks.
Testing with the remote monitoring devices will begin in the new year, initially with volunteer staff.
If successful, the technology may be extended to other settings, including prisons, care homes, and even car dashboards.
You can read the article in full on the BBC website.

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