Editorial note:
These articles may pre-date our recent FDA clearance, Some references may not accurately reflect this.
Editorial note:
This article may refer to our solution as the "Digital Care Assistant", which we recently renamed to "Oxevision".

Oxehealth Nominated as Technology Innovator of the Year by HealthInvestor Awards

We're delighted to announce that Oxehealth has been shortlisted for Technology Innovator of the Year at the HealthInvestor Awards.
Established in 2006, the awards were spun out of HealthInvestor magazine, one of the leading publications in the UK healthcare sector. Now in their 11th year, the HealthInvestor Awards recognise excellence and innovation across a range of industries within the healthcare sector, including clinical services, advisory and finance and social care.
Oxehealth secured the nomination for Technology Innovator of the Year following a particularly successful 2015, which saw successful clinical trials of the Oxecam undertaken at both Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital and in custody suites with the Metropolitan Police. Our engagement with a major US healthcare provider was also a huge step forward – a collaboration we hope to see extend Oxecam's functionalities to include seizure detection, and help deliver vital signs monitoring to secure room environments across US and global markets.
The nomination is fantastic recognition of our progress over the last twelve months, and testament to the rapid growth of the digital health sector in general. It's wonderful to be shortlisted among so many industry leading innovators, and it's a success we hope to build on further in the months to come. Until then, though, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a win!

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