Patient and Staff Experiences of Oxevision


It is important to understand how patients and staff respond to technologies like Oxevision that are introduced into the healthcare system. Although previous projects have gathered the responses of patients and staff in specific settings, it is now appropriate to conduct broader and more systematic analyses across multiple settings. This will allow common themes to be identified and the published results will help to guide others in the adoption of new technologies.

The project

Several academic and clinical collaborators are undertaking research into patient and staff responses to Oxevision.

Patients’ views and experiences in relation to Oxevision will be gathered in settings where Oxevision has been installed and is in routine use. Semi-structured interviews will be performed, with additional quantitative surveys where appropriate, for patients who would like to participate.

Researchers will also study how staff use Oxevision in routine practice, to establish how it integrates into clinical workflows and how long-term benefits may best be obtained.

The studies will be conducted with Health Research Authority (HRA) approvals and other appropriate governance in place. The research will not affect the care received by patients or the processes followed by ward staff, but will involve researchers observing existing practices and collecting information on the views of patients and staff.

The findings will be published in the academic literature, as novel research into technology that supports ward staff in caring for patients. It is hoped that the published findings will help potential users of these types of technologies to understand how the systems can best be adopted to support staff in caring for patients.


"Having seen first-hand the benefits of Oxevision and the positive reception from patients and staff, I am keen to explore responses more widely and share these learnings with others."
Dr Faith Ndebele, Consultant Psychiatrist, Solent NHS Trust
Read our patient experience reportand staff experience report

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