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Staff Experience with Oxevision

Oxehealth was founded to help clinicians save lives and improve healthcare for everyone.  

Our mission is to help clinicians deliver the safest and highest quality care possible to those in their care so that patients and care home residents experience the widest possible sense of wellbeing, independence, privacy and dignity and the best possible opportunity for fast recovery.

Oxevision supports compassionate and dignified care. It is a supportive tool for staff in caring for their patients and does not replace therapeutic interaction or personal care.

Working with our healthcare provider partners, we have received feedback through NHS-led staff surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews across eight mental health trusts in NHS England.

Through this, we have listened and learned about the perspectives of more than 250 clinicians who were caring for patients in a mental health hospital using Oxevision to support their daily care.

Clinicians have expressed that their experience using Oxevision as a supportive tool was overwhelmingly positive. Having the Oxevision system to support with clinical care helps:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Provide better care
  • Better manage patient risk
  • Identify potential incidents
  • Provide a greater sense of privacy and dignity for patients in their care
  • Feel safer at work.

Read the full report here.

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