Safer patients, more efficient staffing

Oxehealth has designed the only patient monitoring and digital rounding system for inpatient behavioral health care: Oxevision.1

This contact-free tool supports staff to work proactively and with maximum productivity.

Clinical teams utilizing Oxevision report enhanced safety, improved quality of care, and increased efficiency.

Patients who have Oxevision on their unit report feeling safer, getting a better night’s sleep, and having increased privacy and dignity.
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Driving progress towards high-reliability behavioral health care

By providing staff with physical health and activity data they otherwise wouldn't have access to, Oxevision can facilitate improved risk management and more informed clinical decision-making.

Oxevision product modules

The Vital Signs module that allows clinical staff to take contact-free pulse and breathing rate measurements (chest wall movements) is a class II medical device cleared by the FDA in the United States
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Oxevision is a patient-centered innovation

Behavioral Health providers, who have augmented their clinical practice with Oxevision, have reported:

High intensity unit

Reduction in patient assaults
Reduction in emergency treatment orders related to assaults
Ndebele, F., et al. (2022). Non-contact health monitoring to support care in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, 18(2), 95-100.

Acute psychiatric unit

Reduction in bedroom self-harm
Reduction in bedroom ligatures
Reduction in bathroom ligatures
Ndebele, F., et al. (2023). Non-contact health monitoring to support acute care in mental health. Journal of Mental Health. Advance online publication.

Geriatric unit

Reduction in falls in bedrooms at night
Reduction in transfers to ER
Reduction in enhanced observations
Wright, K., & Singh, S. (2022). Reducing falls in dementia inpatients using vision-based technology. Journal of Patient Safety, 18(3), 177-181.
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We are so very pleased to partner with Oxehealth in technology that aligns with this commitment. Incorporating Oxevision in our acute care presents an incredible opportunity to enhance the quality and patient experience of care, making it both less intrusive and safer. This technology aligns with our person-first focus, ensuring that clients can get the rest and privacy they need to reach their best outcomes.

Dr. Lesley Brooks

Chief Medical Officer

"I like Oxevision because the staff don't disturb my sleep at night any more. They used to come in every 10-15 minutes even at 6am in the morning to check that I am breathing. I think the system has been a good thing and it doesn't bother me."


"Having Oxevision makes me have a better sense of wellbeing because I feel more secure."


“Since Oxevision was installed, I’m disturbed much less at night. It’s much better because no one watches you trying to do everything.”

Supporting care at over 100 sites and counting,
including half of England's NHS behavioral health providers

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1 The Oxevision housing unit contains an infrared-sensitive camera that relays information to designated fixed screens, tablets and/or mobile devices on a unit.  It is a fixed-installed solution within hospitals, general care, and secured environments where a framework exists that mandates periodic checks by a trained professional to ensure subject safety. Oxevision is intended for use by appropriately trained staff with a duty of care, and should not be used by untrained users. The Vital Signs software is cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device in the US. It is intended for non-invasive spot measurement of pulse rate and estimated breathing rate (chest wall movements) when the subject is still. Vital Signs is indicated for use on humans 18 years of age or older who do not require critical care or continuous monitoring. The device is not intended to be the sole method of checking the physical health of a subject. Federal law (U.S.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner. The Activity Tracker software (including the activity detection, fall risk, location risk, inactivity warning, flexi room, refresh room, activity report and recent incident review products) are Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) products suitable for use within single occupancy rooms. They are not medical devices. Oxevision Observations and the Seclusion Session/Reports product are Electronic Medical/Health Record products that are designed to assist reporting activities and are not part of any medical device. See Instructions for Use for intended use, contraindications, warnings, cautions, usage directions and maintenance.
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